Interior Painting Videos

Ready to make your house more beautiful?

Glad to hear it! I’ve created these interior house painting videos to help you do the job right. My “Interior Painting 5-Step Series” will guide you through the entire painting process, from the prep work (filling nail holes, sanding, caulking, priming, taping) to cutting in the room (edging) to rolling the ceiling and walls to brushing the trim. There are many ways to paint a room, but these methods have worked well for me over the years and I believe they’ll work well for most DIY painters.

Also check out my “Interior House Painting Tips” videos. These include important information on cleaning paint brushes, how to hold a paint brush, cleaning paint off carpet–and many more to come during the fall and winter of 2013. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to be notified every time a new video is posted.

Wondering what equipment you need for your exterior paint job? Visit my Interior Painting Store to purchase the equipment I recommend and use myself! It’s like I’m your personal painting shopper. I’ve done all the research and field testing and I know what equipment works best. Secure checkout handled by Amazon.