The painting methods describe on this website have worked well for the author. They have been gleaned from many different sources and professional painters over the years. HOWEVER, there are no guarantees, expressed or implied, that these methods will always work for all people. Many variables come into play when doing a paint job, including but not limited to the condition of the surfaces being painted, moisture issues, issues with previous coats of paints or stains or other chemicals on the surface, issues with the new products being applied, and application errors. Always seek professional consultation when painting your house. The best source of information can often be found at local paint stores and home-improvement stores that sell paint. You can also ask a professional painter if you know one. It is always best to seek multiple opinions about paint situations and paint failure before embarking on a course of action.

Paint does strange stuff sometimes. Most professional painters have stories of paint failing for inexplicable reasons. No two paint jobs are exactly alike. Proceed with caution and remember that you are solely responsible for your own safety and the outcome of your paint job. Thanks, and have a nice day.