Exterior Painting Videos

Ready to paint the exterior of your house?

Cool! I’ve created these exterior house painting videos to help you do the job right. My “Exterior Painting 10-Step Series” will guide you through the entire house painting process, from pressure-washing the house to scraping, caulking, priming, and painting. Whether you’re painting with a brush and roller or plan to spray paint your house, follow along with these videos and make sure you do the job right!

Also check out my “Exterior House Painting Tips” videos. These include important information on using a paint sprayer, taping off windows and doors, cleaning your brushes, storing your brushes and rollers overnight—and much more! I’ll periodically be adding to the “Tips” series, so subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to be emailed every time a new video is posted.

Wondering what equipment you need for your exterior paint job? Visit my Exterior Painting Store to purchase the equipment I recommend and use myself! It’s like I’m your personal painting shopper. I’ve done all the research and field testing and I know what equipment works best. Secure checkout handled by Amazon.