Storing Your Brushes and Rollers Overnight

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Time required:

  • 5 minutes

Equipment list:


If you are in the middle of painting your house with a brush and roller, there is no need to clean your equipment every night. Just follow the simple instructions in this video and your brush and roller outfit will be ready to go the next day!


By using painter’s plastic and tape, you can easily wrap up your brush overnight like a sandwich in an airtight package, store it in a cool place (like the garage), and it will be fine for using the next day or even a couple days later.

Before you wrap the brush, dip it in paint so that it will stay moist inside the plastic. Use tape and plastic to also seal up the top of your cutting pot so your paint doesn’t dry out.

Rollers can be dipped in paint and stored inside the 5-gallon roller bucket, hanging from the roller grid. Use tape and plastic to seal up the top of the bucket, same as you did with the brush!

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