Masking (Taping) Windows and Doors for Painting

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Time required:

  • 5 minutes per window/door

Equipment list:


If you are getting ready to spray paint your house, you’ll need to mask all the windows and doors first. This video shows a quick and easy way to effectively protect windows and doors from overspray!


The video shows the technique I prefer. Whether you use blue tape or white tape depends on how long the tape will be on the windows (more than a couple days, used blue tape), and whether the windows are in the direct sunlight (if they get any direct sun at all, use blue tape). For windows in the shade, white tape will work fine–in fact, sometimes it seems to work better on shady windows.

If you find the tape isn’t sticking well, take a clean rag and wipe the vinyl or wood thoroughly to clean off any moisture or residue that is preventing the tape from sticking.

It is best if you can remove the tape as soon as possible, hopefully the day after spraying. Be careful setting ladders against the house when the paint is freshly dried. Wrap clean towels around the ends of the ladder to protect the newly sprayed siding.

Pre-cut plastic is available for those who want to use a hand masker for masking windows and doors. It works okay, although I think the method I demonstrate in the video is equally fast and the plastic is less expensive.

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