How to Use a Paint Sprayer

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Time required:

20 minutes

Equipment list:


  • Water (for latex paint) or paint thinner (for oil paint)
  • Throat seal lubricant (note: some homeowner grade sprayers do not require throat seal lubricant)

Using a paint sprayer is not complicated. This video will show you how to set up your paint sprayer and get it ready for spraying!


See video. UPDATES:

1. Some homeowner grade airless paint sprayers no longer require the use of throat seal lubricant. Check the manual.

2. If you turn on the machine to prime it and nothing happens (and you’re sure it’s plugged in), somebody probably turned the pressure knob all the way down. Give it a few twists until the machine starts to run.

3. Do not confuse “priming the sprayer” with priming bare wood or using primer on a house. They are not related. Priming the sprayer simply means you are removing the storage fluid (usually water or paint thinner) from the machine and replacing it with paint in preparation for spraying. See the video.